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Vivozoom, New Microstock Agency, Offers “Image Warranty”

January 20th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Vivazoom, a new microstock agency, will try to differnetiate itself from the crowd by targeting corporate buyers and offering an “image warranty.” Most microstock sources will not guarantee that the images they license are indeed legally cleared for use. Vivozoom has identified this lack of warranty as a reason for corporations to shy away from using microstock.

For photographers, Vivozoom pays a 40% commission rate on all monies derived from the sale of the photographer’s images. Since the target client base is corporations, they are seeking commercial and corporate work, not editorial content.

Initially Vivozoom will be offering their images on subscription basis. The following is an example of how photographers will be compensated:

“We . . . pay our contributors 40% of our receipts. By way of illustration: If a customer pays $300 for a monthly subscription and downloads 100 images, each image generates $3.00 and the photographer will earn a royalty of $1.20 per image (or 40%). However, if that same customer downloads only 10 images then the royalty becomes $12.00 per image”

For more information about Vivozoom, and how to become a contributor, visit:

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  • 1 Chris Rakoczy // Feb 10, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Great. Just what we need, another way for microstock to become more appealing to our corporate buyers.

    Isn’t that part of the charm of dealing directly with professional photographers, the comfort in knowing that the images are cleared and released for use?

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